Our goal is to offer a hotel in the southern entrance of the neighborhood of Palafitos de Gamboa, taking advantage of its secluded location near this tourist attraction, which is a must see of those who come to Chiloé. The hotel is a remodeled building that includes a restaurant and events center. This building had many limitations, including opportunities and ability for intervention with the new architectural design. The orientation of the existing building on an east-west axis, which allows more natural lighting for our customers.


Veliche Hotel is a family business, looking for a new alternative for quality lodging on the big island of Chiloé, not only for tourists but also for those who are interested in experiencing its culture and heritage; but also for executives or business people who require an hotel with a great location, with excellent connectivity, space to work and hold meetings without having to leave. This satisfies the needs of everyone. The hotel is located in nice neighborhood and very close to La Ruta 5 Sur and just 20 minutes from Mocopulli Airport. We are passionate about Chiloé, its identity, it’s culture and its heritage. For this reason, we want to celebrate it with beautiful architecture; inspired by the old chilote sheds made with wood, which is the classic and traditional material of the island. In this way, Veliche Hotel is transformed into a comfortable and functional space that allows us to welcome our guests and satisfy all their needs in the best way possible.


Hotel Veliche is located on a plot that has an area of approximately 744 m2, 433 m2 built and 120 m2 of land. The hotel is two stories high and the ground floor has the common areas separated into four sectors; the cafeteria and restaurant, the conference room, access hall – reception and service areas. The second floor has ten private rooms, all of them fully equipped and with private bathroom.


Goal: Healthy home cooked meals with a local influence.

Our restaurant and cafeteria has a beautiful view of the Castro fjord, complimented by its natural brightness, so that you can spend time with your family and friends. We also have a large terrace where you can converse and relax.

The hotel´s menu is born from typical Veliche dishes, as a revival and recognition of the chilote agroecosystem. The territorial identity and knowledge of the products of the area are the inspiration of our island chefs who, with love and respect for their family’s traditions, prepare healthy and local home-cooked meals. In addition, we accommodate for special dietary restrictions.